Internet Marketing, My Approach and My Promise

For the very view of you that read my earlier blog, thank you for sticking around and waiting out my long hiatus.   As with many hobbies, and that’s what Internet Marketing is for me at the moment, it had to take a back seat to real life events.  Nothing extraordinary or life threatening, thankfully, […]

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Top 3 Sites for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Top 3 SEO and Affiliate Marketing Bloggers

There are hundreds if not thousands of SEO and Internet Marketing sites that inhabit the Internet. Some of these sites have good content, others often using re-hashed content, and some at their very worst are completely incoherent. It is when you come across a site so packed with useful and unique information that it stands […]

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Machiavelli and Discourses on Internet Marketing

Niccolo Machiavelli's tomb in the Basilica of Santa Croce

Although the envious nature of men, so prompt to blame so slow to praise, makes the discovery and introduction of any new principles and systems as dangerous almost as the exploration of unknown seas and continents, yet, animated by that desire which impels me to do what may prove for the common benefit of all, […]

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Authority Sites Cheap – Internet Marketing Scams Exposed

Cheap Ranking Authority Sites – Arm Yourself Marketeer! A nice catchy subtitle isn’t it? It serves two purposes: Those of us who were introduced to Internet Marketing by way of purchasing cheap site building services promising “a passive income of $1000.00 per month on autopilot”, are very familiar with the first part of the title. […]

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Call to Action for All New Internet Marketeers!

P.T. Barnum is Alive and Well The sub-heading is near and dear to me, my friends.  I’ve been suckered out of a substantial amount of money thinking I was dealing with honest individuals that offered quality services. Let’s take an example site building service for instance.  This is widely advertised on sites such as Warrior […]

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Hypothetical – How to avoid getting scammed

Try this on for size you IM scammers! When you go to mechanic and have your car serviced what happens?  Generally you drop your car off and wait for the service manager to give you a call with an cost estimate.  You then agree to the services to be rendered or, in some cases, subtract […]

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