Authority Sites Cheap – Internet Marketing Scams Exposed

Cheap Ranking Authority Sites – Arm Yourself Marketeer!

A nice catchy subtitle isn’t it? It serves two purposes:

  1. Those of us who were introduced to Internet Marketing by way of purchasing cheap site building services promising “a passive income of $1000.00 per month on autopilot”, are very familiar with the first part of the title.
  2. The ‘Arm Yourself’ harkens back to the days of dueling with swords or with muskets.

Obviously having to deal with so-called Internet Marketer’s and their scam of selling cheap site building services is not a life or death situation. Although you’ve been persuaded to think it is a good investment; site builders and their sales pages showing AdSense income in the hundreds of dollars per day, touting the often used rarely seen ‘money on autopilot’ catch-phrase.

It is not difficult to understand the appeal that many see in such an advertisement. I fell for them myself and I’m a 20+ year IT veteran that has negotiated million dollar contracts, yet how much money did I give to those site building crooks before I learned the majority of those people, and I use the term ‘people’ very lightly, are only out to take your money and leave you with a website (if you’re even lucky to get a site) that couldn’t rank for a 20 word long-tail phrase! Why? Because they copied some 5 year old PLR article, that’s why.

For those of you that found this site and want to get into Internet Marketing, perhaps with a niche site or two, then use the following check list to ask your prospective site builder. If they deviate or stutter over any of the questions, move along and find another builder.

Site Builder Integrity Checker v1.0

Please not that this is taken from one of my earlier blog posts.  I’ve condensed it a bit for readability and added additional details.

1) Closely read their sales page (we will be scrutinizing it later).

2) Ask to see site examples of their work, 2-3 at the very least.

3) Post on the forum the site builder is advertising and request responses and experiences from other buyers that have used this persons services.  Ask that the reply be posted and not in the form of a PM (private message).  Be careful when posts come from forum users with only 1-2 previous posts.

4) Request they associate your email address with one or more of their sites on Google Analytics.  This will allow you to see the amount of visitors their sites are receiving and give you an indication of their ability to drive traffic to their site(s).  Look for consistency in the traffic along with a steady increase in traffic over time.

5) Based on their keyword/keyphrase selection what is the expected monthly organic search volume you should be receiving?  If you intend to make money from this site, this is an important consideration and should not be overlooked.  Many times this is noted in the sale page (more on this later).

6) Are they promising a Google PR1 (1st page of Google)?  Ask how they intend to accomplish that magic.  Many times this is where the snake oil comes into play by way of various forms of questionable link building strategies.

Before getting to what would be considered proper responses to the above questions and comments let’s take a look at a typical Site Builders Sales Page (without the fancy graphics, but I did preserve the outstanding grammar).

Micro Niche Websites are a popular model to make money with AdSense.

The advantage of Micro Niche is you don’t need to put your maximum effort to make $$ and almost anyone (even if you’re new to Internet Marketing) can start immediately.

Another important and attractive thing with these types of sites is that once it’s setup and SEO are done, it’s almost Autopilot.You can then start focusing on the next site.

With a cluster of Micro Niche Sites in hand. Already many are making $3000+ every month.

Without Raising A Finger!

But wait there’s more!

Here is what you get:

1500+ USA Exact Match Search Volume Keywords

EMD & NON EMD Available (You decide)

$1+ Average CPC Cost

2 Unique Articles (500+ words each)

High CTR and Responsive Themes

Sites Built on WordPress Platform

Once you get the website it’s so simple.

Just do SEO on a small volume and you’re done.

Site back and watch your AdSense Earnings!!

This particular site builder, who’s name I shall withhold, sells package deals for multiple sites.    This one is for a pack of 13.  Included with the 13 sites we also get some SEO.  The SEO consists of:  15 Web 2.0, 100 .edu links, 15 PR 9-8 Profiles, RSS/Pinging.  This will set us back just shy of $400.00.

If I’m taking this all in correctly I get:

– 13 completely built WordPress websites, either with exact match domain names or not (we decide), and with high click through rate response themes

– 1500+ Google search hits for each keyword (how many keywords by the way?) for each site

– 2 x unique 500+ word articles for each of the 13 sites

– AdSense ads with $1+ cost per click

– Presumably on-page SEO (it is not mentioned, but is extremely important)

– Off-page SEO, which is not directly stated, but assumed given the: 15 Web 2.0, 100 .edu links, 15 PR 9-8 Profiles

This here ladies and gentlemen and budding Internet Marketer’s is going to make us hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month “almost Autopilot” and  “Without Raising A Finger”. We should recoup our initial investment in 2 months and then the rest is hotels, hookers, and blow.

If any part of the above were true why would the site builder be selling this to us.  I know, because out of the goodness of his heart he wants to give to us the almost completely passive ability to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to help us quit our day job, pay down our debt, and travel the world.

Cover your children’s ear’s … BULLSHIT!  If any of this were true the site builder would build himself 30-40 sites, make $15k per month, and live happily ever after.  Hell, if he was really ambitious, build 90 sites and have an income of over $30k per month and donate 50% to charity!

What we don’t see is the tremendous amount of work it takes to have a niche site turn a profit, if at all.  In fact just the basic SEO that is required to have a site climb the Google page rankings is a substantial amount of work and expense.

Next we we delve deeper into what really happens we you get handed that nice shiny pile of crap being portrayed as your new passive income authority niche site autopilot cash generator.  Look for that post shortly.  Until then do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or criticisms.