Hypothetical – How to avoid getting scammed

Try this on for size you IM scammers!

When you go to mechanic and have your car serviced what happens?  Generally you drop your car off and wait for the service manager to give you a call with an cost estimate.  You then agree to the services to be rendered or, in some cases, subtract or add to the service based on what the service manager and mechanic recommends or uncovers during their initial investigation.  I should also add it depends on what your bank account or charge card can withstand.  The next step is to wait for the service manager to call to come pick-up your vehicle.  You can then review the service(s) that were performed and pay.

I’m not sure of the term for this type of service; let’s call it payment upon completion of services (PUCS).  This is a straight forward model of paying for services after they’ve been rendered.

I know you’re probably saying, what does this have to do with Internet Marketing?  Nothing directly, but indirectly this is a payment model I would thoroughly love to see being used for certain products and or services that we, the budding Internet Marketing amateur, could use as a way of protecting our hard earned money.

Internet Marketing Broker Service

A sort of broker service.  The Internet Marketer and you agree on a price and you send the funds to a IM Broker.  The IM Broker takes a modest cut, perhaps 2%-3% of the total price of the WSO or Service or whatever it is the Internet Marketer is selling.  You have an agreed upon time to review the product and check that it is not complete BS then have the funds released.

Fortunately I have seen a trend of ‘no questions asked‘ refunds.  Which in and of itself is good Internet Marketing.  It shows that the person or company selling the product has some belief that what they have is viable and not crap.

Unfortunately it is not pervasive enough specifically from many of the sellers on The Warrior Forum.

You either go through an agreed upon broker or you don’t purchase their WSO (if they don’t provide a ‘no questions asked’ refund policy).  Of course there is always PayPal petitions, but this can be cumbersome and if the IM’er is also scamming PayPal and takes the money and runs then you’re out of luck.

I know this has it’s issues as well.  What if the IM’er and the Broker are conspiring?  This would not last long and would be flushed out rather quickly I would think, but there is always that possibility.

There are Internet Marketing Thieves and Internet Marketing Crooks and us shiny object suckers born every minute (my modification on P.T. Barnum’s phrase).

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