Internet Marketing, My Approach and My Promise

For the very view of you that read my earlier blog, thank you for sticking around and waiting out my long hiatus.   As with many hobbies, and that’s what Internet Marketing is for me at the moment, it had to take a back seat to real life events.  Nothing extraordinary or life threatening, thankfully, but the stuff that normally gets in the way.

My Approach

I’ve decided to take a slightly different tack with the re-emergence of this blog.  Since I perform various kinds of Internet Marketing on a daily basis, writing content for some of my niche sites, starting up a new GSA SER campaign, or blowing money on some new shiny object (WSO anybody?), I want to keep track of that here.  So many of you who are just getting started and have less time invested than I do; currently 8 months and more money than I care to count right now, can get a feeling for some of the pitfalls and sidesteps I’ve either fallen head first or tripped over as well as being uplifted and surprised.

As with my first iteration I will also have feature articles where I take a product I have purchased and run it through its paces.  Providing as much detail and commentary along the way so you can get an idea if its something to look into or stay away from.  I also am going to provide full transparency in this blog as I did previously.

The more I step through the Internet Marketing maze the more I understand that there are people, groups, and companies that absolutely DO NOT have your best interest in mind.  Don’t get me wrong, the reason why we have stepped into the IM arena is to make a buck.  I would like to think that it’s an honest buck.  If that’s not you, then stop reading now, and move along.  Even given my short time in this part of the universe I have discovered crooks, thieves, and pathological liars.  All of which only care about how they can swindle you out of your hard earned money.  These people and/or organizations will also be featured on this blog.

Hopefully we can persuade the potential customer away from that kind of dark form of commerce and help them make the right turn.  The more you know what’s out there the less you’ll lose your money to some scam in sheep’s clothing.

My Promise

Unless otherwise stated the links I provide will be affiliate links.  I would expect any Internet Marketer to do the same, especially with products or services they are endorsing and use themselves.  I suggest you do the same, there is no reason it shouldn’t be done and it shows that you have trust enough in a product to not only use it, but to affiliate market the product yourself.  The day I stop using a product that I’ve endorsed, I will also change the affiliate link to a standard link to the product or services home page.

As far as frequency of updates, I’m aiming for 2-3 per week for the general day-to-day type postings and once per week for the larger rant or product/service review articles.

Thanks for coming back or welcome to those who have tripped, stumbled, or mis-clicked your way here.  The overall objective is to provide information and guidance we can all benefit from and in the process steer clear of the crap and focus on the cream.  All with a tinge of humor, good cigar, taste of whisky (or mineral water), and profits on the horizon.


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