Top 3 Sites for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Top 3 SEO and Affiliate Marketing Bloggers

There are hundreds if not thousands of SEO and Internet Marketing sites that inhabit the Internet. Some of these sites have good content, others often using re-hashed content, and some at their very worst are completely incoherent.

It is when you come across a site so packed with useful and unique information that it stands out above the rest, analogous to a lighthouse and its beam of light cutting through dense fog guiding you away from the rocks and sure disaster. Yeah, that sounds a bit corny, but that is exactly how I look at it.

Those of you that know a bit of my history from my earlier blog posts and my experience with Internet and Affiliate Marketing know that I have seen it’s rather nasty underbelly. Having lost my share of ships on the rocks, you could say.

It’s when I was just about ready to hang-up my affiliate marketing cap that I stumbled on a YouTube tutorial by Matthew Woodward. I was looking at alternatives to affiliate marketing and, having a 20+ year career as a network engineer, felt that the nuances and intricacies with on-site and off-site SEO were complimentary to the detailed engineering work I perform. At least that is what I thought in the beginning.

My searches frequently returned two software tools over and over again: GSA SER and ScrapeBox. I then did what any impatient, hungry for results, person would do. I typed in GSA SER and ScrapeBox into YouTube search box. Matt’s tutorials weren’t 1 and 2, but they should be. I spent several hours going through the tutorials until I came across Matt’s. This is a guy that knows what he’s talking about. “Subscribe”.

Matt’s tutorials with his barely restrained enthusiasm, methodical and detailed instruction for the above mentioned tools, among many other tutorial videos completely re-invigorated my ‘can do’ attitude towards Internet Marketing and now SEO. He has also developed software that by grabbing and duplicating your competitor’s backlinks provides for a more even playing field. The software is called RankCracker. Look for a review in the near future.

It is with that long, and hopefully not too drawn out introduction, I give you my #1 site for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing: Matthew Woodward’s, ‘No Nonsense SEO & Affiliate Marketing’

The next two sites for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing will follow with much less fanfare only because I found them after jumping back on the Internet Marketing horse again. This by no means at all takes away from the shear greatness and outstanding no BS content they provide.

For sheer volume of content alone my #2 pick for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing deserves his place at the top. Fortunately for everyone reading his blog, it is a pleasure, the content is top notch. His blog not just focuses on Internet Marketing but takes the occasional sports, geek, and travel detour among many others.

My #2 site for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing: Kevin Muldoon, ‘Blogger, Internet Marketeer, WordPress Junkie’. He has also written three books, The Art of Freelance Blogging, The Ultimate Blogging Resource List, and The Traits & Habits of Successful Bloggers. All of which are available on for incredible value to content ratio.

Not as prolific a blogger as Matt and Kevin this gentlemen holding the #3 spot gets my number 1 vote for holding zero punches back. He gets mad props (wait, is this phrase still used?) for pointing out that there are plenty of free tools out there for those SEO soldiers on a budget. If you thought Black Hat techniques were out with the bath water, think again. My #3 site for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing: Jacob King, , ‘The {White|Grey|Black} Hat SEO Blog.’ After reading his blog the fall to the dark side is filled with fluffy kittens and pillows scraped with spun content. And Jacob if you ever read my so-so write-up of you and your site, I really enjoy reading your ‘no inner monologue posts’. Do not stop!

So there you have it, My Top 3 Sites for No BS SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

#1) Matthew Woodward,
#2) Kevin Muldoon,
#3) Jacob King,

There are dozens more that I follow but none come close to the amount of value per word/video, yes even the ripe language coming from Jacob King, than these three bloggers and experts. I plan on critiquing dozens more SEO and Affiliate Marketing blogs that I follow as I, myself, stretch my relatively new SEO arms and reach for the sky.